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Project details

  • Cleansing:
  • Deep Cleansing & Acne:
  • Steaming:
  • Facial masks:
  • Mezo Therapy:
  • Exfoliation:
  • Gold Therapy & Collegan Booster:
  • Serum:
  • Hair Scalp Treatment:
  • Face massages:

Massages have always been a vital part of any essential SPA range of services… Besides providing a great stress relief and a profound level of relaxation for anyone, massages are also proven to be

good for your health! Basically, any good skin care session must include a massage, fit specifically for the treatment type a…

That’s all due to our long experience in providing thousands of women with a top notch level of facial skin care, with its quality and price kept intact.

All of our SPA specialists have an amazingly extensive practical experience and all of the cosmetic facial products that we’re using have a great record of acclaim and immediate results, instantly seen after one of our care procedures…

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