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Why this opportunity?

Would you like to create
more time freedom?


Interested in an
extra income?


Do you also want more financial freedom?


Would you like to be
your own boss?


Do you want to
work from home?


Do you want to create
a retirement plan?



Why Choose FM-Group Europe

unlimited earnings

Unlimited Earnings

At FM World we offer unlimited earning possibilities based on the Multi-Level Marketing system. You decide how far you want to go.

incentive programs

Incentive Programs

Whether you want to drive a luxury car or dream of traveling around the world All of these you can achieve with FM!

international meatings

International Meetings

FM World cares about mutual relations and occasions to meet personally to celebrate our successes.

Our Team Philosophy

With FM-Group Europe you are not alone. You run your business at your own convenience and you are your own boss, however, you can also benefit from the company’s support provided to help you rapidly grow your business. FM-Group Europe shares knowledge and experience gained over the years, by organising for instance numerous training courses and webinars for our Partners. Incentive Programs, such as “Mercedes for Success” are an additional encouragement.

Cooperation with FM-Group Europe and FM WORLD means not just professional, but also personal development. You have the opportunity to run business with your family, colleagues and friends.

As a Partner you establish numerous new relationships and empower the existing ones. In time, you can begin to help others, share your experience and skills and build your own structure that will work for your mutual success.

Why work with US?

Join our FM-Group and make some money

Combine business with pleasure. By cooperating with FM WORLD you are gaining access to a comprehensive palette of high quality products of everyday use, in which you can find something for yourself. You decide what you want to do,
where and when. You design your career and manage your time.
FM WORLD offers not only freedom of development, but also the time for yourself and your family.

over 25 years of experiance
earn instant profit, commission and bonus
work how much or how little as you want
earn what you choose
kick start your own business
no targets, no pressure
build your own team or work on your own
no joining or exit fee if you decide this is not for you
no stock to sell, fast deliveries from depot
FM-WORLD has more than 15 years of experience
FM-WORLD pioneer of perfume offering in MLM
No experience or diplomas necessary!

wide range of products
Worldwide delivery to the front door
Good price quality ratio
more than 34 awards to date for FM World
FM-WORLD is a socially responsible company
Become a partner for free, no fine print
Free training, help and useful tools
No monthly compulsory purchase
dropshipping made possible
free shipping option possible
You can order per piece (no minimum order)
To keep your account active, order once a year

join us

After registering, send an email to support@fmgroupeurope.com
so we can add you to our own support platform where you can access our community for more info and resources

Are you a Team Builder?

Besides selling products, you can also become a sponsor / leader. You register people with FM and ensure that they are helped on their way. You’re their contact and builds an enthusiastic team. You receive points from everyone who is on your team (group points). You save these points per month and are then converted into euros. Because you only get points if someone below you orders something, this is a fair reward system where everyone benefits.

join us

After registering, send an email to support@fmgroupeurope.com
so we can add you to our own support platform where you can access our community for more info and resources

FM World Product Range

From Perfumes to Supplements



Body Care

body care







Smart & Clean


Dental Care

dental care





Nutricode Fit 6






Mission & Vision FM World

You are why we do what we do!

Our mission is to create products which you can share with others and a lifestyle which provides financial freedom.
Our vision is to be the global leader of Multi-Level Marketing and be number 1 for fragrance sales worldwide.
To work ethically with people driven by success.

We offer a business model which lets you obtain financial freedom regardless of the gender, race, social status and cultural differences; we respect in our business partners independence and difference of opinion, which is our source of diversity and inspiration for growth.

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FM World Fit 6 Programme

6 Stages to a perfect body

Introducing FM Fit 6 Weight Loss Program. This is the healthy way to lose weight. The focus of the Fit6 Club is producing results in a balanced way. 

FM’s Fit 6 weight loss program has overcome the problem of yo-yo dieting. Fit 6 has been designed by leading clinical Dietitian Dr Lidia Marrao.   

Dr Lidia Marrao explains in her own words how FM Fit 6 came about “My life, as a dietitian, revolves around helping people to lose weight. So far I have worked with the methods which I believed in, but there were things in them that could be improved from my point of view. Things that could benefit my patients, especially when it comes to health.

I had an idea, but it was necessary to refine the diet and find the right food supplements that would meet my expectations.

One day I came across Nutricode … and so the FIT6 Programme was created”

If there are any questions from customers, we can always rely on Dr. Lidia Marrao, so that we can provide customers with careful information


Dr Lidia Marrao

To support a customers journey towards a dream body there is a range of supplements. Nutricode supplements promote a feeling of well being. While the supplements will also retain muscles keeping the body feeling firm. The range of Nutricode supplements will complementthe weight loss program.


The FIT6 Programme is about losing weight. This is a self-use Programme. Those who would like to benefit from it need to buy a monthly Programme. The set contains a food supplement and all the important information, indications on nutrition, a list of necessary products.

You start with stage 1 and then follow the subsequently stages (2, 3, 4 …) until you reach our goal. Then it is time for the stabilisation diet.

success stories

FM World European Countries

delivered directly to the consumer if needed


After registering, send an email to support@fmgroupeurope.com
so we can add you to our own support platform where you can access our community for more info and resources

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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